For a while I was worried about writing about a TV show here. I thought it might be frivolous, or worse, might outweigh the other kinds of articles I would like to write. However, like most things, that which is ignored just grows, so it is easier to just write and forget about it.

The Show

Much has been said about how Bojack Horseman is one of the best shows ever, and they’re all correct. For that matter I won’t be going into the details of how every episode ties together a tapestry of lives in a meaningful way, or any of that. The show was amazingly poignant. The characters felt real. Which actually leads me to the real issue.

The End

The end of Bojack was good. It was the way it was meant to be. For a slice-of-life show, it is a natural conclusion. It isn’t necessary that any catharsis occurs or that the characters change or become better or all that jazz. It isn’t about giving the viewers closure. It is simply about a window onto the lives of (fictional) characters being shut. To that end, I disliked attempts to bring closure in the show itself.

One of the main reasons why I felt strongly enough to write this, is simply because when I looked around, the prevailing opinion was that the main character should have been killed off, for his sins. This strikes me as a very flippant attitude to take. It reeks of people trying to make the show a cautionary tale, which is frankly speaking a weird approach to take towards any fictional story. The idea that the character should be redeemed also seemed equally weak, for much the same reasons.

The fact that the characters are hypocrites, and that none of them are as good or bad as they make themselves out to be is one of the best parts of the show.


That’s actually all I have to say about this. I thought of adding relevant memes or listing episodes or name dropping sites, but this isn’t buzzfeed. The show is incredible, and there are far better ways of proving that. Bust out your favorite search engine + streaming content provider / digital piracy eye-patch and give it a whirl. The only thing I’d suggest is watching everything in order, it’s just that kind of show.