• I have had a lot of discussions regarding the teaching of git
  • This is mostly as a part of the SoftwareCarpentries, or in view of my involvement with, or simply in every public space I am associated with
  • Without getting into my views, I just wanted to keep this resource in mind

The site

  • Learning git is a highly contentious thing
  • People seem to be fond of GUI tools, especially since on non *nix systems, it seems that there is a lot of debate surrounding obtaining the git utility in the first place

One of the best ways of understanding (without installing stuff) the mental models required for working with git is this site

Figure 1: A screenshot of the site

Figure 1: A screenshot of the site

  • However, as is clear, this is not exactly a replacement for a good old command-line.

  • It does make for a good resource for teaching with slides, or for generating other static visualizations, where live coding is not an option