As a member of several large organizations, I get a lot of github notifications. Not all of these are of relevance to me. This is especially true of psuedo-monorepo style repositories like the JOSS review system and especially the exercism community.

  • I recently (re-)joined the exercism community as a maintainer for the C++ lessons after having been a (sporadic) teacher
  • This was largely in response to a community call to action as the group needed new blood to usher in v3 of the exercism project

Anyway, I have since found that at the small cost of possibly much of my public repo data, I can manage my notifications better with Octobox


  • It appears to be free for now
  • It syncs on demand (useful)
  • I can search things quite easily
  • They have a neat logo
  • There appear to be many features I probably won’t use

It looks like this:

Figure 1: Octobox Stock Photo

Figure 1: Octobox Stock Photo