A meta-post on the workshop I held for the IOP CAPS'21 student conference on Web Development for Physicists


Much the same as the rationale behind my other presentation meta-posts, that is:

  • I would like to preserve questions
  • I would like to collect the video, slides and other miscellaneous stuff in one location 1
  • It would be nice to have my own thoughts here afterwards



Social media might be here to stay, however, it is a poor medium to share expert content. In particular, short sound bites aside, two main cornerstones of scientific work in the 21st century, programming and mathematics, are ill suited to most commercial platforms. We will journey into the depths of web development, skimming for the most part for the components needed to develop a well designed platform from which non-peer reviewed content can be disseminated, and expertise can be proven. We will also discuss the types of content and how to decide between multiple possible content outlets.



  1. One location I am going to be able to keep track of ↩︎