I recently had the opportunity to take part in an AMA (ask me anything) session for the CS106A students on Machine Learning for the Physical Sciences. This is a post about the technical issues, and also includes a video if you read through.

Zoom and LosslessCut

Zoom recordings are one of the nicer ways to deal with switching windows and screen sharing, especially after fixing the dark screen glitch. However, though LosslessCut works really well to get cut-points, exporting and merging the file into one caused a bunch of glitches.

Enter Handbrake

To not beat around the bush, the solution was to simply encode the Zoom recording with Handbrake before using LosslessCut1. Since the conversion takes a while, it is also neat to note that you can directly export the cut points made with LosslessCut on the original video, then import them onto the newly encoded file.


I am not really sure how this will turn out, but it is a useful thing to keep in mind. The introductory video turned out to be:

  1. For me, the Vimeo Youtube HQ 1080p60 preset worked out well ↩︎