A meta-post on my lightning talk at NixCon 2020


Much the same as the rationale behind my meta-post on my talk at PyCon India 2020, that is:

  • I would like to preserve questions
  • I would like to collect the video, slides and other miscellaneous stuff in one location 1
  • It would be nice to have my own thoughts here afterwards


Nix from the dark ages (without Root)
See the cfp response here


Short comments from the trenches of High Performance Clusters on working with Nix on kernel locked-in systems without proot support.

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Other Content

Anything on this site tagged with Nix. Also an introduction to nix given by me (and Amrita Goswami) at CarpentryCon2020 is here:


  1. One location I am going to be able to keep track of ↩︎