An attempt to re-claim and verify my digital presence.


I mentioned on my about page, that it is nigh impossible to keep track of every digital trace there is of me. That said, it is really not even a countable infinite set yet, so it is a good idea to get started before it gets much worse. This is minimally curated, and will only be sporadically updated, so take everything here with a grain of salt. I honestly have no idea why anyone who is not me would like to see this, other than to prove one of these with respect to the rest1.








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These are tech talks, for academic presentations, my CV is a better guide.

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IOP Workshop on C++ II - Libraries and Simulations
April 13, 2020 (instructor) (materials)
Water, Chemicals and more with Computers for Chemistry (WC3m)
July 28-August 28, 2020 (co-lead)

2020 MegaCodeRefinery (helper)

Data Carpentry Ecology Social Sciences with R at CMU
March 29-31, 2021 (instructor)
Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) LC Workshop
March 16-19, 2021 (instructor)
SWC workshop at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
March 16-17, 23-24, 2021 (instructor)
Data Analysis and Visualization in Python for Ecologists at UCSB
February 18-19, 2021 (instructor)
Triangle Research Library Network Library Carpentry Workshop
December 1-4, 2020 (instructor)
Data Carpentry Ecology with R at CMU
November 11-13, 2020 (instructor)
Data Carpentry Workshop at ITEP
November 9-10, 2020 (instructor)
Sciware: Git and GitHub at the Flatiron Institute
September 24 and October 1, 2020 (instructor)
Data Carpentry Workshop for Social Sciences Georgia Gwinnett College
September 8-11, 2020 (instructor)
Online Data Carpentry Workshop SADiLaR, South Africa
29 June - 3 July, 2020 (instructor)
Data Carpentry Ecology for Biotech Partners
June 22-July 2, 2020 (instructor)



Of Me

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This category involves recordings where I asked questions, and therefore technically involve me in a sense.

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Fortran Maintainers Monthly Calls

IAS TML Lecture Questions

I’ve been sitting in on these for a while thanks to Ke Li, but this section lists some of the lectures I asked a question in

  1. If you do think you have seen me somewhere not on this list, drop me an email ↩︎