As I mentioned earlier, I’m leading a section for Stanford CS106A: Code in Place. I did also mention I’d try to keep a set of short notes on the process. I finally had my first section meeting!


I went through the following:

  • Sent out a welcome message
  • Detailed the workflow
  • Set up a HackMD instance
  • Set up some slides in beamer1

However, after that, I was still concerned since I didn’t get much of a response on the ice-breakers for EdStem. Thankfully, everyone showed up.


  • I had a fabulous session, and we went through a variety of concepts.
  • Didn’t spend much time on icebreakers, but did get a feel for where the students stand on the functional vs imperative programming paradigms
  • Possibly because of working through two different approaches, the 40 minute long session went on for two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • Some students had more of a background than the others, thankfully computational thinking is not normally taught very well


  • The notes are visible here, and the session was recorded here2
  • It was fun, and I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did.
  • I will probably expand this in terms of the concepts covered, to give the students more of an overview of what was covered

  1. Even though most of the session was supposed to be live, it was still helpful to show I was interested enough to set up slides ↩︎

  2. As always, advice is much appreciated (and moderated) ↩︎