Whenever I need to access a server running on an HPC which does not support ngrok or localtunnel or even gsocket; the fallback approach is always to rely on SSH port forwarding.

The sample problem here is running an HTTP server for viewing graphics in R via httpgd.

1# Local
2export PORT=9899 && ssh -L "${PORT}:localhost:${PORT}" "rog32@krafla.rhi.hi.is" -N -L "${PORT}:localhost:${PORT}" elja
3# New tab
4ssh krafla
5ssh elja
6radian # or R

Now in R.

2# else install.packages(c("httpgd"), repos='https://cran.hafro.is/')

Conda and R

Annoyingly if you are depending on conda or micromamba or some variant thereof on the remote sever then install.packages will fail and instead the environment needs to have the corresponding R packages installed after searching anaconda.org.

1# minimal
2micromamba create -p $(pwd)/.tmp -c conda-forge r-tidyverse  git R
3micromamba activate $(pwd)/.tmp
4micromamba install -c nclibz r-httpgd

These issues are not present when using a nix-shell.